Thank you for the confidence in our services and we wish you the very Best for 2018  Margaret Casa Contenta Almeria

Los Baños de Sierra Alhamilla, Pechina, Almeria, Spain

Winter is Coming

Finally the running around, picking up guests, dropping keys and coordinating cleaning seams to slow down. Bookings for 2017 in El Cortijo El Llano (VTAR218_Pechina_Almeria) are coming in and we are offering nice cosy weekends in lovely Almeria winter mood with walks on the beach and chimney fire going. Be reminded that we are talking of 320 sunny days and temperatures around 23 degrees during the day.

We are preparing property sales for 2017 check our best offers on property sales on Listings and please do not hesitate to check in for more. Orange grove or beach resort, apart hotel, we do have some interesting properties for sale that might change your life!

Soon to come are marketing strategy on social media with many inspiring touristy and local arts and crafts blog ideas to create more buzz for Almeria and its lovely quality of life.

Terence Hill / October 2016 shooting part of his new movie in the local bar Sierra Alhamilla. “Almeria is Filming”

November 2017


Autumn in Almeria is like summer in Scandinavia!

After renting to holiday makers and filmbizz, we are now looking into the festive season.

foto-el toyo-landscape
Cabo de Gata Almeria

We are making progress in sales concentrating on the outskirts of Almeria. Check our Listings

We exclusively manage the beautiful gardens in combination with a holiday flat (sleeps 9) in Pechina El Cortijo El Llano (VTAR 128) and are happy to offer el Cortijo el Pescado (VTAR176) for holiday rentals in the last real oasis of Andalusia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

November 2015

Holiday rentals in Spain

Casa Contenta in search of solution

Many foreign property owners are uncertain about the legal situation concerning possible rentals of their holiday homes here in the south of Spain. To be honest we are as well.

Some of our clients, have been owners of ‘Casas Rurales’ for several years yet face problems with controls of all kinds.

Some of our clients have ‘Viviendas turísticas de alojamiento rural’ (90 days maximum per year) and also face demanding controls. Not always understanding the authorities very well and surprised by their demands makes home owners feel not only confused but sometimes also desperate. The threat of considerable fines for non-compliance doesn’t help. A visit to the “Turismo” head offices seems only to create more confusion.

When Casa Contenta gets involved we take it step by step to find the appropriate solution for the client. We investigate each individual situation, contact the tourist office and mediate for the best solution. We consult lawyers if necessary.

Let’s take the simple case of a home owner who prefers to sublet for simple security reasons rather than leave the house sitting empty while he is away. Whether for long or short-term stays; through agents or through a website, it is not easy for owners to act legally!  We at Casa Contenta have clear ideas of what a property owner needs to consider before starting to sublet.

We wish we could just leave you right here with some guidelines and everything would be fine but unfortunately it’s a bit trickier than that.

However, as we at Casa Contenta say; there is a solution to everything.