A guide to buying a house in Almeria with Casa Contenta

Almeria is a charming province in the southeast of Spain, known for its beautiful beaches, sunny climate and long history. If you are thinking of buying a house in the province of Almeria, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with the basic information you need to find your ideal home in this wonderful province.

1. Why Almeria

Almeria offers an extraordinary quality of life, with a warm climate all year round, stunning beaches and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. In addition, the city and the province has a modern and well-developed infrastructure, making it a pleasant place to live.

2. Where to look for houses?

To find your dream home in Almeria, you can look in different areas of the city, such as the historic centre, or by the beach, or in the different areas of the province with natural parks and also many hidden and very quiet valleys such as in the Alpujarras. You can also check with local estate agents such as Casa Contenta Almeria or research online on websites specialising in the local property market.

Enchanting villages in the province:

On the east coast Agua Amarga, Las Negras, Rodalquilar, San Jose, down south coastal Almeria Capital, Pechina, Benahadux, Gador, interior 35minutes from the coast Alhama de Almeria, Instincion, Illar, Terque, Tabernas, Senes, Lucainena de las Torres, Nijar, Sorbas, Bedar, northern part of the province Mojacar, San Juan de los Terreros, … para solo marcar pocas de las preciosidades.

Illar, Almería

It is a hidden gem that offers a village quality of life. With its rural charm, fresh air and spectacular natural surroundings, buying a house in Illar is a unique opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of the Andalusian countryside.

casas en venta en almeria

Don’t hesitate to contact Casa Contenta Almeria, we will be happy to provide you with more information, additional details, more photos and schedule a viewing of this charming property in Illar, Almeria!

Foto of a house for sale with Casa Contenta: Casa de pueblo en Illar – Alpujarra – Almería

2.1. Local estate agencies

Local estate agents such as Casa Contenta have extensive knowledge of the Almeria property market, we work together with other agents, share information and can help you find the perfect property to suit your needs and budget.

2.2. Specialised websites

There are various websites specialising in the Almeria property market, where you can search through a wide variety of properties, filter according to your preferences and contact the sellers or agencies.

3. What should you take into consideration when buying a house in Almería?

  • Budget: Determine your maximum budget for the purchase of a house in Almeria, including housing costs, taxes and additional expenses (9%).
  • Location: Choose a location that suits your needs and lifestyle, whether it’s near the beach, in the centre of a city/town with neighbours or in more rural or tourist areas.
  • Size of property: Consider the size of property you are looking for, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and whether you prefer a house or cortijo with a garden on rustic land. Whether it is for renovation or ready to move into. And if you consider rentals.
  • Nearby amenities: Check the availability of nearby services, such as supermarkets, schools, health centres, public transport, etc.
  • Legal documentation: Be sure to check all legal documentation for the property with the agent or a lawyer. Title deeds, licenses, energy efficiency certificate, contracts and applicable taxes, etc.

4. Why work with Casa Contenta?

e At Casa Contenta Almeria, under the management of Margaret von Schiller, we are proud to offer a personalised service and comprehensive advice on real estate in the province of Almeria.
With our experience and collaboration with highly qualified professionals under Margaret’s supervision and co-ordination, we will help you find your home in this charming province in the South East of Spain.

Don’t hesitate to buy your home in Almeria with Casa Contenta Almeria and start living the life you have always dreamed of in this paradise on the Mediterranean coast.

Discover Almería: a journey into tradition and history

Living in Almeria and being part of Casa Contenta has given me a unique perspective on tradition in Almeria and the properties we are proud of to sell. Each one has its own charm, reflecting a little bit of me in its shape and colour. It is as if each property tells its own story, and I have the honour of being its storyteller.

The discovery of La Joya de Cabo de Gata.

An individual touch to each property

As I reflect on my own home, I can’t help but think of the day when I might consider selling it. It is a natural process that we all face at some point in our lives, especially when circumstances change and new generations bring with them new perspectives and aspirations.

Generational change is a common reason for selling a property. I remember the days when Almeria was a humble but beautiful place, welcoming people from all over with warmth and hospitality. Today, Almeria has undergone a remarkable change, evolving and growing in many ways. It is a place I am proud to be a part of.

The arrival of my parents’ generation in Almería in the 1970s marked the beginning of a new era for this beautiful region. Despite the challenges and poverty, Almeria has always been known for its natural beauty and the warmth of its people. They welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home from day one. For many of us, Almeria represented an opportunity for a fresh start, a land of promise and possibility.

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The challenge of preserving tradition in Almeria

As we began to make our home in Almeria, we became aware of the unique value of the traditional architecture and cortijos that dot the landscape. These ancient structures, though dilapidated and abandoned in many cases, still radiated a timeless beauty and charm. However, we also witnessed how modernisation and urbanisation were changing the landscape, with cheaper, more angular buildings beginning to replace the rounded, traditional cortijos.

My father, a lover of traditional architecture, often regretted this change and longed for the days when houses had a touch of rustic charm.

My father working.
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Creating identity: reliving the beginnings of Casa Contenta and the creation of the logo


This year, I decided to start our blog by recalling the beginnings of Casa Contenta and to share with you the birth of our distinctive logo. It all started with a question that has resonated in my life: “Where do I come from”?

Margaret and Marisa.

As a carpenter and restorer of antique furniture, I also inherited a passion for old buildings from my father, a passionate architect. Although I initially left this vocation to explore the world of cinema, I returned to my roots in 2006 after the loss of my parents. At the age of 50, full of energy, my first step was to restore my parents’ farmhouse, a 200 year old building, and the second step was to work on the house of my friend Chris Fenwick, of the Dr. Feelgood, near the beach in Almeria.

Starting a project is always an exciting and significant step. For us at Casa Contenta, this journey began not only with the sale of cortijos and property management, but with the vision of creating homes that resonate with the beauty and authenticity of the environment around us.

When we decided to embark on this project, we weren’t just selling properties; we were weaving stories into the tapestry of the land, capturing the very essence of life in Almería. In each cortijo, we saw more than stone structures; we saw the possibility of happy homes, immersed in the warmth of the sun and the rich history these lands have to offer.

margaret y marisa de casa contenta

Farmhouse sales and real estate thus became an adventure of discovery and connection, where each new property was a window into the richness of the surroundings. The importance of this environment cannot be underestimated; it is the backdrop that gives life to every story, every corner of our homes.

From there, the path was cleared to Casa Contenta. It was a small step towards an immense experience in real estate, a fascinating learning process that I still love to this day.

In our journey through Casa Contenta Almería, we have always believed in the magic of small things and big questions. The spark of our brand was ignited by an intriguing question: “Can a house be happy or only the people who live in it?

This question became the seed of our logo, an image that represents more than just a design; it encapsulates the essence of who we are. Created with my right index finger in one of my first iPhone apps, this modest gesture became the face of Casa Contenta.

Mugs with early versions of the logo.

Our logo, with its distinctive palm tree and a house in the background, is not just an image; it is a story in itself. The palm tree, with its leaves waving in the Mediterranean breeze, symbolises strength and resilience, fundamental characteristics of every property that bears the Casa Contenta stamp. The house in the background is more than a structure; it is a home that holds stories, laughter and unforgettable moments.

We are constantly evolving, and our commitment to bring the best of us through our logo is reflected in every detail. The only things missing are the GIF and the Casa Contenta emoji, but I’m working on it, I promise. 🌴

This 2024, as we explore new frontiers in farmhouse sales, holiday rentals and property management, we carry with us the story of our logo. It’s not just an image; it’s the visual manifestation of our commitment to creating homes that exude happiness.

I hope you enjoy this little story as much as I enjoyed living it. At Casa Contenta, every corner tells a story, and we are happy to share them with you.

Stay tuned for more publications we have planned for this year.

May happiness and history remain our key in 2024!

Margaret Febr 2024


Welcome to Casa Contenta in 2024

It is a pleasure to welcome this new year full of promises and projects. In 2024, we embark with renewed energy and dedication to continue to bring you our best in real estate and its experiences.

And for those of you who still haven’t come to terms with the fact that it’s 2024 (almost February, time flies!), we remind you that here at Casa Contenta we make sure that every day is worthwhile, and good for taking a next step.


Sale of Cortijos – to find your piece of peace

Our passion for traditional farmhouses in Almeria has priority. This year, we still present a selection of architectural gems. Each cortijo tells a unique story and offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Almerian countryside. Our commitment is to guide you through this process with the personalised attention that characterises us. Nothing is perfect as they say but close to it.

Holiday and Midterm rentals: Winter In The Sun

For those looking to escape the routine, our holiday rental properties offer the perfect setting. From cosy flats by the sea to luxurious villas in the mountains, we have taken care of every detail to ensure that your holiday will be simply unforgettable. Some of the properties are perfectly suitable for home office and digital nomads. Let us be your host and guide you.

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¡Happy 2024 and welcome to Casa Contenta en Almería! 🎄🌟

The best way to restart our blog is to wish you a happy 2024!

At Casa Contenta Almería, we want to share the warm essence of life in the south of Spain and of course, our services.

These days, we reflect on the importance of thinking positively and looking to the future. Here in Almería, our greatest desire is to connect with positive and excited people, whether to find a new home or enjoy a relaxing winter holiday in the warm south of Spain.


We feel lucky to be located in an Andalusian province that is still counting on natural resources and impressive protected natural parks. From its pristine coasts to the Sierra Nevada mountains and its characteristic desert, Almería offers a unique opportunity for those looking for more than just a place; … they look for an experience.

This blog will not only be a space where we will share details about properties and opportunities, but also where we will explore the cultural wealth, natural beauty and unique charms that make Almería a special place.

Therefore, we want to express our gratitude for being part of this community. Every connection, every consultation and every shared dream drives us to continue offering the best of Casa Contenta.

May 2024 be filled with light, love and positive moments. And may the coming year bring you new opportunities and success.

With love

Margaret de Casa Contenta 🏡✨

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