Annual Costs 2013

Our clients in Casa Contenta España are now receiving their annual costs survey for the property we look after. Everybody likes it since it shows irregularities and gives the chance to control and correct and maybe find better deals for 2014. We make it for a fix price and adapt it to your language. Check in for more information.



Happy New Year 2014 les desea

Feliz Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo 2014


Thank you all for a great start into in the past nine months!

We were lucky to do exactly what we planned to do.

We organised some nice building works and we advised clients on all sorts of administrational issues and property rentals & sales.

We learned a lot and we were lucky to be supported by our local government.

Thank you all for supporting us whether is was spiritual or by becoming our clients.


Foro de Cooperación Almería-Marruecos

En noviembre 2013 participamos en el foro de Cooperación Almería-Marruecos

en OUJDA (Marruecos)

Ferry from Almeria to Nador, Marroco in 6 hours
Round table with Marketing expert Domingo Leiva


What a great new discovery to have this oriental part of Marroco so close!

We are happy to give information and contacts to explore this northern african world of its own, right across the sea from Almeria. In fact one thinks one could see the shores from my house. Our colleagues in Oujda, Berkane and Figiua offer hikes, bike tours and desert trips.

Contact @ if you are planning to go.

Great project CALMARR! Merci!