Casa Contenta clients come to Almeria to enjoy their holiday

Casa Contenta looks after your property whether on sale or to be rented

We look after your home and once you come to enjoy your holidays, the repair work have been done, your bills have been administrated and if your house is on sale, hopefully we are have been able to advance in this time of a tired property market.

Casa Contenta is dedicated to optimise its presence in the Internet. Our clients have a personal history with their property.  We ask our client to collaborate to find the right buyer or the right investor. We make sure that all paper work is in place according to Spanish law and licence to rent are applied. Spain is in transit to digital administration and to modern European terms. We have to accept this change.

Casa Contenta property sales and services are personal and often are over a long period of time

It is our focus to help the clients to prepare the paper work with all necessary costs and effort. That includes the exact topography registered in the land registry. Casa Contenta give you an update on all taxes due as non resident property owner. The understanding of the local obligations often create confusion. Lets try and understand and get things done until the property is sold and the new owner is happy. We have the ability to translate not only between the languages but the cultural differences, which exceed patience, humor and respect.

Thank you all for understanding that only with this engagement we can find the appropriate buyer or holiday tenant for your beloved Andalusian finca.

We help and stay focused to make sure everybody enjoys their holiday.

This property for sale in Las Negras exclusive by Casa Contenta
This property for sale in Las Negras (exclusive by Casa Contenta 2017)

Snow in 2017

Most of the province of Almeria, Southern Spain does experience snow every year. Being blessed with lovely mountains and sierras we enjoy snow on the top every winter. This year with heavy rainfalls and chilly weather all over Europe, Almeria had to take the winter coat out in the lower areas and and at the coast. Brrrrhhhh… But hey we expect sun all next week! Think about a good fire place, think about better and more economic electricity system and be prepared for chilly nights in Almeria. If you book vacational make sure you find fireplaces and heaters until late march!

foto de casa maxim
foto de casa maxim

Winter is Coming

Finally the running around, picking up guests, dropping keys and coordinating cleaning seams to slow down. Bookings for 2017 in El Cortijo El Llano (VTAR218_Pechina_Almeria) are coming in and we are offering nice cosy weekends in lovely Almeria winter mood with walks on the beach and chimney fire going. Be reminded that we are talking of 320 sunny days and temperatures around 23 degrees during the day.

We are preparing property sales for 2017 check our best offers on property sales on Listings and please do not hesitate to check in for more. Orange grove or beach resort, apart hotel, we do have some interesting properties for sale that might change your life!

Soon to come are marketing strategy on social media with many inspiring touristy and local arts and crafts blog ideas to create more buzz for Almeria and its lovely quality of life.

Terence Hill / October 2016 shooting part of his new movie in the local bar Sierra Alhamilla. “Almeria is Filming”

November 2017

Spring 2016

Cruz de Mayo, Pechina
Cruz de Mayo, Pechina

Almeria has picked up in tourism. The Natural Park Cabo de Gata – Nijar, its unspoiled beaches and great oportunities for hikes and biking have made this province notably more popular for national and international guests.

More film production and press on like Game of Thrones give us the chance to grow and promote our qualities in unique landscapes like the desert, sea and mountains all within short reach.

We are proud to announce that some of the estates we had on sale were bought by locals who of course equally enjoy living at the sea side.

Please have a look at our LISTINGS to check on our property offers.

Lets hope this tendency keeps up and will bring us happy clients.
May 2016