Beautiful house for Sale in Agua Amarga, take a 1 min look and contact us!

Times are changing

Yes , we are in the middle of the pandemic and yes we have to be extremely conscious. But times and regulations move on and some are ready to go and work from abroad. So why not in the Sun? Almeria has a lot of good options. The sea the desert and the mountains are so close that you can go on your bike.

We will negotiate for you with the owners to meet your budget. No cancelation fees if circumstances do not allow to travel

All houses are suitable for home office

We offer cortijos and chalets and flats at different price ranges. We select them carefully and take care that the clients really finds what he is looking for

We offer rentals with minimum 4 weeks and maximum 6 months length of stay to spend quality time in Almeria

Winter in the Sun

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A very special place to bring a dream alive. With Claudia Scholler.


Casa Contenta needs an image film? Well, why not. It is not so easy to get all your thoughts and your IMAGE into a clip under 60 seconds. I just needed a very hot afternoon in my chilled cool old cortijo. And yes, I like it.

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Waiting to hear from you and please check our properties for sale, if you are thinking of changing your life. Almería is a place to discover.



Unique Almería

To fall in love with Almeria, you don’t have to only look for properties in Cabo de Gata! This property is in the rural area just 20 minutes from Almeria and its airport. In total silence, with the winds playing in 32.000m2 of olives and oranges.

Check this romantic place For Sale in Gador close to Almeria in Spain.

Video produced by casa contenta almeria 2018

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