Vacation rental versus long-term rental

After many panels with experts in these times of uncertainty, I would like to summarize a few things for my customers:

The future holiday guest will take great care to ensure that the hygienic requirements are met when renting private rooms (Vivienda Rural, Vivienda de Fines Turísticos) that have been set up for the purpose of holiday rental.

It is recommended to include this in the description of your apartment.

It is also important to calculate the extra time for a more thorough cleaning and to discuss this with the cleaning staff and also to put the appropriate time between two rentals.

One should include the use of the garden and terraces and the possibilities for walks in the descriptions and let go of the general urge for the beach. When regulations are issued this summer, it makes sense to convey them to our guests in a very relaxed manner, especially since we have the fantastic Cabo de Gata with its intimate beaches. So let’s be positive!

If there are community pools, check for restrictions. It could be that they are not opened at first.

It is also evident that travel restrictions will increase the average length of stay. We know that the guests will be mostly Spanish and more likely will travel in their own car. And the trend in bookings is already clearly for longer stays.

It is advisable to formulate this as attractive and to make corresponding offers on the rental platforms.

Make sure you can provide internet access for those who want to use the home office bonus. The offer of a work area is also becoming more attractive than before.

With Casa Contenta, I offer to include holiday apartments in my WINTER IN THE SUN catalog in order to advertise for guests who apply to stay for at least 6 weeks and a maximum of 3-4 months. We have developed a model for this. That means our guests have to introduce themselves and answer a few questions. Above all, we want to make sure that the tenant really suits us.

If you are currently offering your house for sale, it makes sense to rethink this and consider a temporary renting.