All-round services for your real estate in Almería, Spain

Casa Contenta Almeria, Spain

Purchase and sale of properties in the province of Almeria

We offer exclusive properties with personality.

We speak and negotiate in Spanish, English, German and French.

We take special care to prepare your house for sale and marketing.

We offer processing of vacation rental licenses and their management.
As well as customized services in administration, maintenance and reforms.

Almeria  2018

 Casa Contenta Almeria sphere of activity is the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar including Agua Amarga and Las Negras, also the Golf of Almeria with El Toyo and Costacabana, as well as rural areas around Baja Andarax, the desert of Tabernas and La Alpujarra Almeriense.

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Properties on Sale with Casa Contenta

Cortijo El Saltador on SALE
Cortijo El Saltador on SALE with Casa Contenta

Property Purchase 

We like to make buyers feel welcome in Almeria and well accompanied during the process of purchase.

Selling Property 

We are dealing with a buyers market that requires to prepare well and be prepared before going out marketing a property for sale.

We develop the visual, prepare the multilingual text for marketing and blog the property in relation to its qualities and surroundings.

Villa en Prep for Sale 2018Villa in preparation for Sale in Gabo de Gata-Nijar

Prepare your Property for Rentals

The registration of your activity is mandatory and implies strict regulations.
We provide all the information and offer the marketing and services involved so that your home is rented legally and successfully.

Cortijo El Llano
Cortijo El Llano Vivienda Turistica de Alojamiento Rural VTAR 128, Pechina, Almeria. Managed by Casa Contenta Almeria since 2013.

Property management, renovations and crafts

We put at your disposal lawyers, accountants and different craft companies of confidence.

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We might not know everything but we do know the local Spanish market and mentality well enough to guarantee correct information. Its a pleasure to help find the best solution for your ideas.

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